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How's your neck today?

Hello students of our virtual wizarding school!

Each month St. Mungo's will provide you with some information and a tip or two that deal with one health-related aspect of being a HiHer. This month we will talk about your necks and shoulders that may just be suffering a little bit from your HiH habits. Feel free to share your own tips and experiences. Also, if you have a suggestion for a topic, please leave it at the suggestions/questions post.

I think we all agree that hogwartsishome is a rather marvellous way to pass one's time, otherwise we probably wouldn't be here. It has its advantages and disadvantages, of course; one of the latter ones being that we sit in front of our computers for hours with our arses glued to the desk chair while we're following the latest happenings around the comm. Or maybe we're trying to find a comfortable position on the sofa balancing a laptop.

HiHer refreshing the hogsmeadewkends page on a Hogsmeade Weekend Friday

If you're anything like me, chance are that HiH makes your neck and shoulders hurt from time to time ...

Ergonomists suggest that you have a desk set-up such as this:

Image source:

But let's face it: Who the hell sits like that when there's a Quidditch game on???

It's probably more feasible to get you guys to move around a bit and stretch your shoulders and neck from time to time, isn't it?

See, you don't even have to get up if you don't want to! ;)

Image source:

Or check out these eay-peasy exercises:
1. Chin-to-chest. Inhale and as you exhale slowly lower your chin to your chest, creating a long, gentle stretch along the back of the neck. Take several slow, deep breaths with the chin down. Liftthe head back up on an inhale. Repeat.

2. Ear-to-shoulder. Inhale and then as you exhale slowly lower your right ear toward your right shoulder. It won't reach, but don't worry about it. Breathe into the gentle stretch created along the top of the left shoulder and left side of the neck. Take several slow deep breaths. Inhale and raise your head back up. Repeat on the other side.

3. Neck roll. Follow the instructions for ear-to-shoulder, then roll the chin down toward the chest, across the chest and up the other side. Inhale and as you exhale roll the chin down across the chest and up the other side.

4. Shoulders-to-ears. Inhale and raise your shoulders up to your ears, pulling them up as high as they'll go. Then let go with an "ahhh" and drop your shoulders back down. Repeat several times.

5. Shoulder circles. Raise your shoulders up, rotate them back and down, forward and up again. Repeat several times then go in the opposite direction.

And there you have it, my dears!

Stay fit and healthy and be kind to your neck and shoulders! ♥

~ Nathan, your St Mungo's mod (who is going to do some of these excercises as soon as this is posted)
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