baby we could rock the night alone (slumber) wrote in hh_stmungos,
baby we could rock the night alone

Creature-Induced Injuries Ward: Create-a-Creature, Part 1

Activity: Create-a-Creature, Part 1
Points: 2pts/1knut per contribution. Cap of 30pts/15knuts + Healer Bonus.
Deadline: March 19, 11:59pm UTC.
Details: Create a creature! I will post ten base images in the comments below. Your task is to add one detail to the comment to create a new creature. Any detail is fine! Each comment is worth 2pts/1 knut. You cannot reply to yourself. Try to respond to the comment right above you, but if you happen to post something just as somebody else posts their own, that's fine too. Just try not to let it go overboard. Don't forget to sign your comments either. :)

Let me know if you have any questions!

Are you sure you want to pet that? Sign the ward roster here! Check here to see if you're on the roster. Go here if your Healer Status has changed or if you have activity ideas.
Tags: creature-induced injuries ward

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